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About Us

About Us

Our Journey Began with Co-Founders Adam and Blake,
but It Continues with You!

Adam Brody's journey was shaped by his experience as a foster child and the support he received from the Orangewood Children's Foundation. Inspired by their assistance, he made a commitment to give back. He actively participated in fundraising events for underprivileged children, and spoke about his experiences.


After graduating from college, Adam joined Academic Chess in 2007 and became its director in January 2009. Under his leadership, Academic Chess expanded from operating in 27 schools with 290 students to reaching 180 schools with 2,500 students. In January 2016, he became the owner of Academic Chess of Orange County, aiming to impact children in low-income schools.

Family Together

Blake's unwavering dedication spans over two decades of service to children. His journey began as a YMCA camp counselor, where he uncovered his passion for utilizing games as effective educational tools. His commitment to fostering learning continued as he joined the YMCA's after-school programs, providing elementary-aged students with tutoring and creating engaging group activities.

Armed with a degree in Public Administration, complemented by a minor in Recreation, Blake transitioned into the role of Assistant Director of Children's Ministry at a church. In this capacity, he spearheaded the recruitment and hiring of Sunday School teachers and volunteers, overseeing a diverse array of programs. Notably, this endeavor brought him into close collaboration with Adam.

Join us on our journey to empower young minds and build a brighter future for our community!

In 2013, Adam and Blake united to establish Strategic Kids, LLC, with the vision of delivering top-tier programs to the Denver metropolitan area. Since its inception, Strategic Kids, LLC has steadily extended its reach, introducing programs to Orange County, CA in 2015, Washington state in 2018, and expanding its presence virtually online in 2020. Most recently, the organization brought its impactful offerings to San Diego County, CA in 2021.

Currently, our programs are being offered in over 350 schools, serving a remarkable number of 4,200 students per week. In total, we will have the privilege of reaching and positively impacting the lives of over 50,000 students this year. This growth and widespread engagement demonstrate our commitment to providing educational and entertaining experiences to a diverse range of young learners.

Kids in Church
School Supply

Since its inception, Strategic Kids, LLC has quietly awarded scholarships to numerous students. However, in 2016, recognizing the need to distinguish its philanthropic endeavors from its core business, the organization took a significant step by becoming a fiscal project of the nonprofit OneOC. This move aimed to raise support for scholarships, offer free and reduced-cost programming, and extend its impact internationally.

In 2021, co-founders Adam and Blake established the Strategic Kids Collaborative, Inc., guided by a steadfast vision: to provide exceptional educational programs for children. Our mission extends beyond individuals, seeking to enhance the broader community. SKC is dedicated to leaving a lasting, positive imprint on the lives of young individuals and society as a whole.

Join us in shaping a brighter future for young minds and communities alike—your support and involvement can make a lasting impact today.

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